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Shred 4 Summer



Strength in numbers! Join me and the rest of the Immortal Team for this first ever 8-week challenge, where we will be progressing together as a group, while focusing on…

✅Nutritional accountability
✅Full detox without the use of supplements
✅Weekly workouts that can be implemented at home or in the gym
✅ Performing every movement the human body is capable of without any pain or restrictions
✅ Gaining strength to directly increase your metabolism and increase fat burning at rest
✅ 1on1 coaching with myself

✅ Hormonal balance blue print to reverse insulin resistance, heal the gut and reduce cortisol
✅Mindset coaching to improve your relationship with food, exercise and self accountability

When we are young, we are driven by our hormones, but as we get older we must support our hormones with nutrition, and lifestyle choices. For women, this can sometimes be an uphill battle, but when using strength training along with a science-based approach to nutrition we can make it easy to lose weight and sculpt your physique into perfection. Making positive changes during this transitional time is essential to maintaining health, and will surely pay off later on in life.

Get all this for a QUARTER of the cost of hiring a personal trainer but with the same level of guidance & support!


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Meet Your Coach


Hi – My name is Tayvis Gabbidon. I help busy women aged 35-60 build confidence and feel amazing, without trendy diets, or miracle weight loss supplements. By using a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle, alongside a solid strength training routine, we can create a healthy hormonal profile that will make it easier to lose weight, and sculpt your physique into perfection in rapid time. Over the span of thirteen years in the fitness industry, I have been able to guide hundreds of women through the menopausal process, who have come out on the other side even more badass than before. What sets me apart from the rest is my positive masculine energy, and the understanding that (for a lot of us) poor health and low self-worth is often deep rooted, and changing that does not happen overnight. That is why there are no generic programs, or applications. Everything is tailored to the individual, and everyone is a special case. It is evident that I am truly driven by your success!



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