This is Oxford Personal Training at it’s best! My name is Tay and I am the founder of the Immortal Training System, which is based on almost a life time of sports, fitness and nutrition experience. My knowledge is immense and I am always ahead of the game when it comes to discovering new breakthroughs in the fitness and nutrition industry. There are no generic programmes, or general applications, which means that every one of my clients is treated as a special case in order to get you the best results, inside and outside of the gym. I am truly driven by your success!

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oxford personal training
oxford personal training

oxford personal trainingConsult

You and I meet for an informal chat to learn more about each other and what we can achieve by joining forces.

oxford personal trainingAssess

An examination that tests different movements to better understand your biomechanics, posture and core strength in order to set forth a plan tailored specifically for you.

oxford personal trainingSupport

Whether it’s cooking lessons in your own kitchen, access to our mobile-friendly, online fitness content, social events with the whole gang, or benefitting from our partnerships with other local business, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without fail.


Working out with me in a private studio to go through your own personalised programme, keeping you on the road towards a happy, healthy future.

oxford personal trainingAnalyse

Whether it’s calliper-precise body fat testing, strength, or blood type analysis for nutrition, the Immortal Training System puts everything under the microscope to ensure optimal results. The approach is second to none.

oxford personal trainingGain

Nothing adapts like the human body, so your programmes are constantly updated to ensure that you always progress towards your goals.
oxford personal training

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