My Immortal Training system is designed specifically for women who are going through menopause, or experiencing general hormonal imbalances. Using a scientific approach to strength training, nutrition, and lifestyle, I guarantee your transformation within 3-6 months.

Building strength through resistance training can seem intimidating for most women. However, this is the most important time in life to build and maintain muscle & bone mass. I aim to make this process as exciting and as comprehensive as possible. I will show you how to support your endocrinal system with nutrition, making it easy to lose weight without harsh dieting. Keeping stress low with a sound routine and quality sleep will also help improve your mental health through this time in your life.

My positive male energy and passion for uplifting women is what truly sets me apart from the rest. I am available as a personal trainer in the Oxford area for 1on1 sessions. Alternatively, you can enrol in my Strong Curves personal training programme to train with me 1on1 virtually online.

All of my training plans are tailored to the individual depending on their specifics needs. There is no one size fits all approach.

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Watch the video below to gain an understanding of the science and healthy living philosophy behind the Immortal Training System. It also includes a great testimonial from one of our clients, so be sure to watch it to the end!

“I have studied various forms of martial arts and competed in different types of sports throughout my life. Incorporating techniques from all of these areas helps keep our exercise routines fun and challenging. The fusion of weight training, knowledge of sport, and nutritional science is what makes Immortal Training flawlessly effective.”

-Tayvis Gabbidon, Oxford Personal Trainer & Nutritionist