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North Oxford Nutritionist Personalised Plans for Weight Management

An evidence-based, holistic approach to nutrition is key to leading a healthy lifestyle and sculpting your dream physique into perfection. However, in an industry saturated with miracle weight loss supplements and meal replacement shakes, separating the fact from fiction can be confusing. Decades of medical trials & research have proven my methods, so I don’t follow any fad diets or trends.

I am a fully-qualified nutritionist who understands that we are all unique as individuals. My aim is to ‘spoon feed’ you nutritional science that is easy to understand and adopt into your own lifestyle. By creating the right plan for you, we can improve your quality of life, free you from dietary diseases, help you lose weight, tone and build muscle.


Supporting Hormonal Balance

The Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis (HP Axis) is a feedback loop that connects the brain to various glands of the body. The thyroid, adrenals, liver, pancreas, gut, ovaries, etc. are unable to function properly when this feedback loop becomes disrupted. Thus creating hormonal imbalances. Curing inflammation is one of the key components to restoring the HP Axis to optimal function ability.

Gut Health

Autoimmune diseases (such as Hashimoto’s and rheumatoid arthritis), fibromyalgia, PCOS, IBS, Crohn’s and a long list of other diseases are becoming more and more common in women. All of these conditions have been linked to inflammation that often comes from poor gut health. However, simply adding more probiotics to your diet is rarely a big enough change to fix the problem.

Did you know that we have two brains – the brain in our heads and the gut-brain known as the enteric nervous system? Both brains communicate to each other. Intestinal permeability and gut dysbiosis can cause anxiety, depression, stress, even schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease (now known as Diabetes III). Likewise, an unhealthy head-brain can cause diarrhea, constipation, celiac disease, gastritis and other problems in the gut.

As you are probably starting to understand, the key to achieving true hormonal balance so that you can look good, feel good, and live a generally healthy life requires a multi-varied approach. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Guiding you through the steps of this complicated process to make it less confusing and easy to implement into your lifestyle is what separates me from the rest of the nutritionists in Oxford.

Our Approach to Nutrition Includes:


Hormonal Assessment

An in depth look at your hormones and how they may be affecting your health. Hormones are supported by the nutrients and minerals that we get from our normal diets. They are responsible weight management, energy levels, mood, skin health, sleep, happiness and much more.


Genetic Profiling

There are a few genetic factors that can help determine whether you should follow a more plant or meat based diet. Sticking to a diet plan that supports your own specific needs will make it easier for your body to absorb nutrients, improve energy, lose weight, prevent diseases, etc.

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