Fat Loss Through Nutrition And Exercise

It has been said that targeting body fat from specific areas of the body is a myth, but there is actually a way. Please read and feel free to take the given biosignature quiz below to find out

The first Labour of Immortality is identifying and unlocking your own biological code, or biosignature, which involves a multi-dimensional analysis of your genetics, body composition, dietary habits/cravings, lifestyle and metabolism in order to find your hormonal fingerprint.

We are all unique in our own ways and the same rule applies when it comes to the homeostasis of one human being to the next. Not everyone craves chocolate. Some may crave starchy foods, or salt. Not everyone is susceptible to storing body fat on the back of the arms, simply, because others are naturally predisposed to develop “beer bellies”, or a “pear shape”. These factors, as well as many others, are all determined by (in order of straightforwardness) your genetics, development, lifestyle and diet. Other factors that are taken into account include: unexplainable lethargy or tiredness throughout the day, mood swings, painful or uncomfortable periods, insomnia, frequent bowel movements, restlessness, existing health problems (such as diabetes, hypertension, gout, high blood pressure, etc.), and so on and so forth.

Nutrition is the most important element of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Immortal Training provides an industry leading service that will help you identify and understand the diet that is right for your.

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Tay Gabbidon

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist
Oxford, England