Personal Training

Oxford’s Most Elite Personal Training Service

The Immortal Training ideology is based on perfecting the most important aspects of life – mind, body and spirit – and this is why we strive to offer the most supportive and professional system around.

Think of a personal trainer as an investment towards a better future for yourself. The most important thing in life should always be your health. Without it, you cannot be a parent, a friend, a doctor, a lawyer, or even alive for that matter! Not many trainers can live up to the responsibility of your health being in their hands whilst Immortal Training lives up to and beyond that very same expectation.

Training is only a small part of what your investment will bring, so here is a quick breakdown of some of the tools that are provided in order to insure your success:

  • 1-2-1 personal training sessions
  • Biosignature & biomechanics assessment
  • Personalized nutrition plan with quick and easy recipes in video format
  • Support from our head chef, Boni Odhiambo
  • Video directory full of hundreds of different exercises for every muscle group
  • Online training
  • Online profile with a personal progress diary for body weight, hip to waist measurements, body fat, strength performance, etc.
  • Social events
  • Prizes, competitions and giveaways
  • Affordable plans ranging from £25-£250 per week with everything in between
  • Much more!

If you are in the Oxford area and would like to spend a complimentary hour with me then please book a consultation and I will be happily at your service.

Sincerely Yours,

Tay Gabbidon

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist

Oxford, England