Seated KB Clean

Seated KB Clean


Learning how to clean with great technique takes a lot of practice. Seated KB Cleans is a good starting point.

Most people struggle with the flipping movement that requires you to get your elbows up and under the bar. If you begin working on the technique sitting down you can concentrate on it without having to worry about using your legs. Once you master it, moving on to KB Swing Cleans (standing), KB Cleans, and then Cleans with a barbell, is a good idea.




Leg Raises

Leg Raises


Leg Raises are great for activating your inner core muscles. Placing a towel, or cushion underneath your lower back will force transverse abdominis into action, which is the muscle under your six pack that pulls the navel in towards the spine. This is a beginners exercise.

Main Muscles Worked:

Inner Core

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