Supplement Stack Review – HMB, ZMA, Alchemy, Predator Whey, Chromium

Supplement Stack Review – HMB, ZMA, Alchemy, Predator Whey, Chromium



All natural, no steroids! No illegal products!

My stack for August consists of Alchemy by Hydrapharm, ZMA by Hydrapharm, Predator Whey, Predator BCAAs and chromium. This video explains why I chose these supps and what I intend to achieve.

Next couple of vids will have my body weight and bodyfat measurements and also info about my diet.

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Oxford Personal Trainer Chest Aesthetics

Oxford Personal Trainer Chest Aesthetics



Serratus anterior is probably the most overlooked muscle in the chest group. It is known as the “boxer’s muscle”. It is most prominent in boxers, because they use serratus constantly. It’s responsibility is to stabilize the inferior angle (bottom corner) of the scapulae, but when developed will improve the aesthetics in the area outside of your pecs where your rib cage is. J-press is a great move for building up serratus. This video will explain all.



Oxford Personal Trainer Explains Skipping Leg Day

Oxford Personal Trainer Explains Skipping Leg Day


Oxford Personal Trainer should not be a title that limits my experience to one place specifically. I have pumped iron in many gyms across the world and I can tell you that chicken-legged-lobster men (lol) can be found in all of them!

The above video will break down the biggest benefits that come from training legs, but there are countless others. Since your nerdy ass is actually reading this instead of just watching the video 🙄, it is worth mentioning some of them.

For one, developed legs are absolutely necessary for achieving that male v-shape, or female hour glass shape that we all desire so much (some a lot more than others lol). To be frank, there is no such thing as a male, female, trans, gay, bi, or lesbian (politics nowadays smh) exercise. Sculpting the human body requires the same approach to exercise regardless of your age, sex, gender, race, etc.

I will also take the time to mention the obvious fact that your day to day life will become easier. Walking up stairs, carrying boxes, chasing a bus, eliminating lower back pain, etc. – just about every physically demanding task and discernment is greatly approved by lower body training.

Look better, feel better and improve your quality of life. What else is left to talk about?



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Oxford Personal Trainer Power Exercises

Oxford Personal Trainer Power Exercises



Oxford Personal Training – Load-to-Explode

Load-to-explode box jumps are not only extremely effective for increasing your vertical jump and leg power, but also for transforming and/or developing fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are needed in order to maximize muscle mass. Ladies, if you’re looking for some top secret bootybuilding shizzle then like and follow. No questions assed.

Up until the late 20th century, the vast majority of documented research into muscles and movement was done in a static environment using cadavers. Apparently, people had no common sense back then lol. Nowadays, we have a much better understanding of how the body works. Before any contraction there is an eccentric loading of the muscle that can be seen when bending your knees to jump, or when twisting your body left to swing a tending racket to your right.

Dropping from an elevated surface and then jumping, increases the load on the muscles in comparison to jumping straight up from the floor. The increased eccentric load will cause the muscles to explode with a bigger bang, which will increase your vertical jump.

Personally, I train legs for power (not strength), mass, functional ability and mobility. Power has helped increase mass, but never the other way around. On the flip side, power DOES increase strength and speed. However you can easily reverse the effects by not performing the exercises properly.

To prevent LOSING power, (1) NEVER use a weight heavy enough to turn the movement into a static one instead of an explosive one (keep it light); (2) NEVER do more than 8 repetitions per set, or continue a set once the explosiveness of your muscles has died out (whichever comes first); (3) rest for at least 90 seconds; and (4) only work power exercises into the very end of your program (the last one, or two exercises).



Ostrich Meat UK – The New Beef!


Ostrich meat is the New Beef! UK Nutrition

If you love red meat, but could do without the saturated fat and cholesterol then ostrich is the way forward!

Nutrition experts and dietitians all over the world are highly in favor of ostrich over red meat. The taste and texture is similar, but I, myself, find ostrich to be more succulent than beef.  Because the fat is stored outside of the muscle, it is easier to process, making it leaner than chicken and other meats.

Considering how processed chicken, and even beef, is becoming nowadays, making the switch to ostrich seems to be a great choice. It is extremely easy to cook. It’s best when shallow fried rare – medium-rare. Be very careful not to overcook it as it will go rubbery! If you want a more elegant taste and have more time on your hands, cook on 100C/215F for 5-6 hours in a casserole dish of gravy, in the oven. Perfecto!

Ostrich is also high in iron – even more so than beef. This is great for those of us that lead an active lifestyle!

The photo above is a meal that I prepared. Aside from ostrich, it includes black kale, asparagus and red peppers.

All of this together makes for a great post workout meal. Here’s more of an in depth look at what’s inside:

Protein – muscle & tissue repair
Iron – blood
Aminos – tyrosine (dopamine), arginine (nitric oxide), lysine (bones & heart) isoleucine (muscle repair)

Omegas – immune system, anti-inflammatory
Vitamin C – antioxidant, fights free radicals
Beta carotene (vitamin A precursor) – immune system, skin
ITCs – detox

Antioxidants – detox
Calcium – bones
Vitamin E – immune system & free radical protection
Vitamin B6 – nerve function, liver function, energy boost, libido
Vitamin K – calcium absorption
Vitamin C – skin, organs, bones

Capsaicin – antioxidant, reduced LDL cholesterol
Vitamin C – skin, organs & bones
Vitamin A – reduces effects of free radicals
Other minerals & nutrients – magnesium, zinc, niacin, selenium


Exercises to Improve Posture

Exercises to Improve Posture


Yes, my pants are saggin’, but if you can look past that (lol) this is a really good circuit for rear shoulders/upper back. The emphasis is on posture.

When performing the kick backs your palms should be facing backwards throughout and you should be lifting your entire chest off of the bench while squeezing your shoulder blades in towards your spine. Elbows should be slightly bent, but stiff and not contributing to the movement in any way.

Go straight into lying reverse flyes. Turning your thumbs out as you raise will cause your shoulder to externally rotate. This will force the inferior angle (bottom corner) of the scapulae down – great for stabilisation. 👍🏾

The last move is what I like to call a prone shrug. Focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together while lifting your chest off of the bench. You should feel it in rhomboids.