Bent Over Pull Down

Bent Over Pull Down

Also known as the Prone Pull Down.

This is an unorthodox movement for latissimus dorsi, but it works wonders! Always keeping it versatile! Focus on pulling your elbows as far behind your rib cage as possible and squeeze every one of your back muscles in towards your spine.

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Tay Gabbidon
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist
Oxford, England

Lying Prone DB Shrug

Lying Prone DB Shrug

Perfecting Your Posture!

This is a very effective functional exercise that targets the rhomboids, which are very important muscles when it comes to posture. The rhomboids are found in between your shoulder blades and are responsible for squeezing them together. Go ‘head and try it for yourself – squeeze your shoulder blades together. Notice what happens to your posture and how your chest widens.

The position of your shoulder blades has an immediate effect on your upper spine. If the muscles supporting the shoulder blades are weak then the ideal position of the upper spine will be compromised. This can also lead to problems in the lower back, lower spine, neck, hips, pelvis and knees.

This exercise is take from the original shrug that is done standing up and targets the upper trapezius muscle by hunching your shoulders with resistance in your hands. Instead of hunching your shoulders you are squeezing the backs of them together while in a prone (face down) position. Lying down isolates the muscle more, but be sure to keep your chest off the bench as not to allow the weight to pull your posture in a compromising position (that would defeat the whole purpose lol). Back straight, chest up, core tight, as always!

I highly recommend incorporating this corrective exercise into your weekly routines, most especially if you spend a lot of time in a seated position.

For a more in depth understanding of your posture and ways to correct it, it may be worth checking out a very insightful article on

There is also a free downloadable PDF booklet available that is awesome!:^BSB^xdm953&s1=&s2=&s3=&s4=&s5=display

Be sure to check the blogs for more helpful exercises just like this and keep and eye out for many more to come.

Good luck!

Tay Gabbidon
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist
Oxford, England

Double Rope Cable Face Pull

Double Rope Cable Face Pull



Posture correction – When it comes to correcting postural problems of the upper spine that can result in kyphosis (or a “hunched back”) this is one of the best exercises out there. Hit this up a few times per week to help correct the deformity. Even if you don’t suffer from the aforementioned postural problem you will still benefit from this move as it will help pull your shoulders back, which will widen your chest.

Main Muscles: Rhomboids, Trapezius


  • Attach two ropes to the same cable
  • Keep your back straight & core right
  • Pull with your elbows high
  • Pull the rope above your head with hands as far apart as possible
  • Use full range of motion

Try these variations:

Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance

Do you crave sugar in the form of sweets, fizzy drinks and general junk food? Do you crave chocolate?

It may be that you were not born with a “sweet tooth” at all. In fact, it’s most likely down to inefficient insulin production and transport inside your body.

Here are some more symptoms:

– Unexplainable thirst
– Frequent urination
– Hunger even after just eating
– Unexplainable fatigue
– Dark skin patches around the neck & chest area
– High blood pressure
– Hyper-excitability
– Lack of motivation
– Mood swings
– Insomnia and/of disturbed sleep
– Feeling tired even after a full night’s sleep

If most of your symptoms are on the top half of that list then you are deficient in chromium. Supplement 20mcg/day and the problems will go away. If you are in the second half you need magnesium. Take 500-750mg every night before bed.

For profession medical information and a more in depth understand of insulin resistance there is a great article written by Melissa Conrad Stoppler, MD.

Go here:


Tay Gabbidon
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist
Oxford, England

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