The Absolute Best Shoulder Exercises!

The Absolute Best Shoulder Exercises!


The Absolute Best Shoulders Exercises

Working in a solid shoulders routine at least once per week, is absolutely necessary when it comes to creating a muscular and/or curvy physique.

In the gym, the goal for most men is to build a defined, masculine v-shape, whereas women are normally seeking a sexy & feminine hour glass shape. The idea is that sculpting your upper and lower body, while keeping your waistline as slim as possible through diet and fat burning exercise, is the most effective way of doing so. Women and men can achieve their body transformation goals most effectively by following the same exact movements and training plans, regardless of gender, so the advice given in the above video applies to all.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching any of my previous gym tutorials then you’ll soon understand that I like to use a lot more variation than most personal trainers when it comes to exercises. Yeah, shoulder presses are essential and should be part of your foundation gym moves, but they can get boring, and you can find hundreds of shoulder videos that recommend the same ol’ exercises if that is what you prefer!

My nature is to question everything in order to understand it and possibly make it better.

And so, I give you the absolute BEST shoulder exercises around… according to Tay.G!…

Be sure to keep an eye on this this blog section for more of my Absolute Best Exercises videos. I will be covering every muscle group in this series. Next up, we have legs and an awesome Bootybuilding video that you do NOT want to miss!


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Supplement Stack Review 1-2

Supplement Stack Review 1-2



Check out the first video to hear about the supps that I’ve chosen and why:

All natural, no steroids! No illegal products!

This one covers my diet and has a couple of taste reviews at the end for the protein and BCAAs.

My stack for August consists of Alchemy by Hydrapharm, ZMA by Hydrapharm, Predator Whey, Predator BCAAs and chromium. This video explains why I chose these supps and what I intend to achieve.

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History of Monsanto Cancer Products & Roundup Killer Foods

History of Monsanto Cancer Products & Roundup Killer Foods


This news is huge! After years of denying and fighting to cover up all independent research into into one of it’s most deadly products to date, Monsanto is hit with a $289 million lawsuit.

But why is FOX News, CNN, BBC, ITV, or anyone taking about it?

Nutrition is my life because it is my career, but the fact is that nutrition IS LIFE. It is life to all of us! Control the food and water and you control the masses.

I do my best in this video to help you understand the history of Monsanto, who is now owned by Bayer.

Please share this video! Each one teach one.

Stay clean, stay healthy.



Monsanto Ordered to Pay $289,000,000 After Jury Finds Roundup Caused Man’s Cancer

68 Monsanto-Owned Companies to Boycott

Cancer-Linked Weedkiller Found in Every Food Tested Except Broccoli

The Dark History of Bayer Drugs


Oxford Personal Trainer Chest Aesthetics

Oxford Personal Trainer Chest Aesthetics



Serratus anterior is probably the most overlooked muscle in the chest group. It is known as the “boxer’s muscle”. It is most prominent in boxers, because they use serratus constantly. It’s responsibility is to stabilize the inferior angle (bottom corner) of the scapulae, but when developed will improve the aesthetics in the area outside of your pecs where your rib cage is. J-press is a great move for building up serratus. This video will explain all.



Oxford Personal Trainer Explains Skipping Leg Day

Oxford Personal Trainer Explains Skipping Leg Day


Oxford Personal Trainer should not be a title that limits my experience to one place specifically. I have pumped iron in many gyms across the world and I can tell you that chicken-legged-lobster men (lol) can be found in all of them!

The above video will break down the biggest benefits that come from training legs, but there are countless others. Since your nerdy ass is actually reading this instead of just watching the video 🙄, it is worth mentioning some of them.

For one, developed legs are absolutely necessary for achieving that male v-shape, or female hour glass shape that we all desire so much (some a lot more than others lol). To be frank, there is no such thing as a male, female, trans, gay, bi, or lesbian (politics nowadays smh) exercise. Sculpting the human body requires the same approach to exercise regardless of your age, sex, gender, race, etc.

I will also take the time to mention the obvious fact that your day to day life will become easier. Walking up stairs, carrying boxes, chasing a bus, eliminating lower back pain, etc. – just about every physically demanding task and discernment is greatly approved by lower body training.

Look better, feel better and improve your quality of life. What else is left to talk about?



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