Resistance Band Dead Lift

Resistance Band Dead Lift

Main Muscles: Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus, Latissimus Dorsi

Key Points:
– Keep your back straight, ass out and chest high
– The band should be under the arches of your feet
– Drive your feet through the floor and thrust your hips forward when exploding upwards
– Use a slow, controlled movement on the descent
– Use full range of motion
Single Arm Racked KB Reverse Crossover Lunges

Single Arm Racked KB Reverse Crossover Lunges

Main Muscles: Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Maximus, Hamstrings

Key Points:

– Hold the KB in a racked position

– Keep your chest high, back straight and core tight

– While keeping your shoulders as square as possible, twist your hips to perform a “curtsy” movement

– Give your back knee plenty of room to bend under the front

– Tap your knee to the floor with resting and push through the heel to drive yourself upwards
Single Leg Hip Thrusters

Single Leg Hip Thrusters

Main Muscles: Gluteus Maximus & Hamstrings

Key Points:
– Rest the bar across your pelvis
– Keep the back of your shoulders on the floor
– Extend the nonworking leg out and keep it off of the floor
– Drive your heel through the floor and push your hips as high as possible
Cable Hip Thrusters

Cable Hip Thrusters


A variation of the traditional Hip Thrusters with a barbell, Cable Hip Thrusters keep the gluteus muscles under tension during the entire movement. Some people have a tendency to pull with the arms, but in order to perform properly, your arms should remain stiff while your hips thrust through your forearms.

Main Muscles Worked:

Gluteus Maximus
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