Superman Press

Superman Press


A variation of the standard superman…

… the superman press will kick those stubborn postural muscles into action!

You should be able to feel the kinetic chain working from your gluteus all the way up to your trapezius muscles. Be sure that your thumbs are facing upwards and that you are lifting everything off of the floor – chest, arms, thighs, everything! Use this exercise along with others that will strengthen your upper back/rear shoulders in order to correct issues like kyphosis, lordosis and a poor posture.

Single Arm Pull Down with Supine Grip

Single Arm Pull Down with Supine Grip


This exercise is great for building lower lats! It allows you to focus on one side at a time, which is best for creating good symmetry.

Main Muscles Worked:

Latissimus Dorsi (Lower)
Rear Deltoids
Key Points:
– Lean back about 15°
– Keep your chest high and back straight
– Pull your elbow down under your shoulder
– Use full range of motion
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