Single Arm Resistance Band Push Press

Single Arm Resistance Band Push Press

Here is a crafty concept using only a resistance band to help you get your shoulder workout in! Can also be done using a dumbbell or kettle bell.

Main Muscles: Anterior Deltoid, Trapezius Major, Hamstrings, Quadriceps

Key Points:
– Keep your back straight & core tight
– The band should be under the arch of your foot and looped around your palm
– Bend your knees and throw your whole body into the movement when driving upwards
– Press overhead until your elbow locks out
– Use full range of motion and train both sides evenly
Superman Press

Superman Press


A variation of the standard superman…

… the superman press will kick those stubborn postural muscles into action!

You should be able to feel the kinetic chain working from your gluteus all the way up to your trapezius muscles. Be sure that your thumbs are facing upwards and that you are lifting everything off of the floor – chest, arms, thighs, everything! Use this exercise along with others that will strengthen your upper back/rear shoulders in order to correct issues like kyphosis, lordosis and a poor posture.

Dynamic Stretches for Upper Body

Dynamic Stretches for Upper Body


Dynamic stretching, as opposed to static, is always the best option before training. During exercise you are not likely to stretch the muscle as far as it can go and hold (excluding a few gymnastics and martial arts movements), so it doesn’t make sense to do any such thing when preparing them for a workout.

Exercise typically involves a rapid and repetitive stretching and contracting of muscles. That is the key behind dynamic stretching. You should use light weights to dynamically stretch and contract the muscles using movements similar to those that make up your exercise routine. This will also warm the muscles up.

Be sure to use light weights. For the stretches in the above video I recommend the following:

Men – 2kg/5lbs

Women – 1kg/2.5lbs

Complete 10-12 explosive reps of each movement and your chest, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps will be ready for action!

– Tayvis Gabbidon


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