Overhead Squats in Resistance Band

Overhead Squats in Resistance Band


Doing squats with a resistance band engages the muscles differently than with weights in the sense that the band produces more resistance as it continues stretch. With weights, such as dumbbells and barbells, the resistance remains the same throughout the repetition because you only have to work against gravity.

Targeted Muscles: Gluteus Maximus, Hamstrings. Quadriceps

Key Points:

  • Keep your back arched, feet flat and core tight
  • Stand on the band so that it is under both of your heels
  • Hold the band overhead with a wide grip – outside of shoulder width
  • Squat ass-to-the-grass using full range of motion
  • Drive your heels through the floor to ascend


Ballistic Jump Squats

Ballistic Jump Squats



Use ballistic jump squats to build explosive power in the lower body, or as a bootybuilding technique to build amazing glutes! 👌🏾😉

Targeted Muscles:

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps

Key Points:

  • Keep your chest high, back straight & core tight
  • Feet should be just outside of shoulder width
  • Squat ass-to-the-grass, bounce a quarter of a repetition three times, jumping as high as you can on the third
  • Use full power on each jump squat
  • Land softly



Learn about the benefits of jump squats here: https://www.yourworkoutbook.com/squat-jumps/

Try this variation!: https://immortal-training.com/box-jumps/

Seated Kettle Bell Cuban Press  (Shoulder Mass)

Seated Kettle Bell Cuban Press (Shoulder Mass)



Add shoulder mass to your physique with the Kettle Bell Cuban Press. Guaranteed to fatigue all of the shoulder muscles at once, Cuban presses can get you dramatic results in a short space of time. I highly recommend adding these to your routine if you are looking to increase your personal best for the clean and press. The motion is very similar, so working from a seated position will improve the ability of your upper body to clean and press with good strength and technique. Keep your reps in the 5-10 range to increase mass and 10+ for toning.

Main Muscles: Trapezius (Upper), Deltoids, Rhomboids


  • Keep your back straight, chest high & core tight
  • Take a pronated grip (palms down) and drive your elbows up towards the ceiling in an explosive manner
  • Get your elbows up and under the kettle bells as quickly as possible so that you can catch them on the outside of your biceps
  • Press above head until your elbows lock out
  • Use full range of motion

Try these variations:



Elevated Side DB Lunges

Elevated Side DB Lunges


Bootybuilding at it’s best. If you’re looking to build amazing glutes then incorporate this advanced movement into your leg day routine.

Main Muscles: Gluteus Maximus & Medius, Hamstrings, Adductors, Quadriceps

Key Points:

– Keep your chest high, ass out & back straight

– Begin with both feet on the box, so that you can lunge laterally onto the floor

– Lock the knee on the stationary leg and keep the foot flat on the box

– Keep your back arched and chest up when reaching for the floor

– Push through the heel on the lunging leg to drive yourself back up on to the box

– Train both sides evenly

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