Did you know that Type 2 Diabetes and fructose are directly linked?

I’ve talked to so many people over the past year that have gone onto these juice diets, so I thought I’d take the time to set the record straight about how healthy they really are. Some people claim to lose weight, especially in the beginning, but usually end up bigger than before once they go back to eating solid foods.

Let’s be logical here, losing weight and losing fat are not the same thing.


There are lots of great vitamins and minerals in fruit, no doubt. However fruit is full of fructose, which is a sugar. The liver normally converts sugars into fat to be stored throughout the body & organs, but fructose is the only sugar that it cannot process. Instead fructose builds up in the cells and organs creating a resistance to insulin keeping glucose (the form of sugar that your body CAN use) out, causing it to spill back out into the blood stream. This keeps the blood-sugar levels elevated.


Insulin resistance leads to Type 2 Diabetes and will keep you in a fat-storing state. Eventually, the pancreas loses the ability to produce insulin. Maintaining high levels of fructose in your diet will fast track this process. Avoiding sugary drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup, or glucose-fructose-syrup, and fruit that is high in fructose is definitely a great idea.


Stick to vegetables as much as possible!

I do my best to explain in this video, but if you want to dive deeper into this subject yourself I highly recommend reading ‘The Diabetes Code’ by Dr. Jason Fung. I think it is also available in audio format.