Bootybuilding – Glute Activation 1/4 (Squat Test)

Poor genetics is not the major cause of a “flat bottom”. It is MOSTLY (believe it, or not) the result of an unfavorable position of the pelvis and spine. I have yet to find a human being that hasn’t been crippled by an irreversible accident that has not been capable of building a nice, round ass.

The above video will quickly take you through a squat test, so that you can find out if your glutes are working properly and to get you on your way to building a nice bum.

Please note that we are using the squat test to observe the glutes – not to perfect your squat. Issues such as dorsiflexion, length of the bones in the lower body, etc. are not being taken into account here. However I will say that strengthening glutes fixes most problems with squats across the board. The only objective here is only to observe the gluteus muscle group.

Quick Breakdown About the Anatomy of the Gluteus Muscles:

If you don’t use your glutes on a regular basis then they are likely to be asleep. If you sit down for most of the day this is more than likely to be the case.

Nonactivated glutes can cause hip & knee problems, foot problems, upper & lower back pain, migraines, kyphosis, misalignment of the pelvis, a “flat bottom,” etc., so don’t think of this as something that is only for people that train. If you have any of the aforementioned problems it is probably because you DON’T train.

If you DO train and have wondered why you can’t squat properly then sorting your glutes out will improve everything from squats to bench presses, so it is definitely worth some attention!

What to do Next!

Once you have an idea of which gluteus muscles are causing a problem for you by viewing the video above, you will know whether to go.








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Tay Gabbidon
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist
Oxford, England