Ostrich meat is the New Beef! UK Nutrition

If you love red meat, but could do without the saturated fat and cholesterol then ostrich is the way forward!

Nutrition experts and dietitians all over the world are highly in favor of ostrich over red meat. The taste and texture is similar, but I, myself, find ostrich to be more succulent than beef.  Because the fat is stored outside of the muscle, it is easier to process, making it leaner than chicken and other meats.

Considering how processed chicken, and even beef, is becoming nowadays, making the switch to ostrich seems to be a great choice. It is extremely easy to cook. It’s best when shallow fried rare – medium-rare. Be very careful not to overcook it as it will go rubbery! If you want a more elegant taste and have more time on your hands, cook on 100C/215F for 5-6 hours in a casserole dish of gravy, in the oven. Perfecto!

Ostrich is also high in iron – even more so than beef. This is great for those of us that lead an active lifestyle!

The photo above is a meal that I prepared. Aside from ostrich, it includes black kale, asparagus and red peppers.

All of this together makes for a great post workout meal. Here’s more of an in depth look at what’s inside:

Protein – muscle & tissue repair
Iron – blood
Aminos – tyrosine (dopamine), arginine (nitric oxide), lysine (bones & heart) isoleucine (muscle repair)

Omegas – immune system, anti-inflammatory
Vitamin C – antioxidant, fights free radicals
Beta carotene (vitamin A precursor) – immune system, skin
ITCs – detox

Antioxidants – detox
Calcium – bones
Vitamin E – immune system & free radical protection
Vitamin B6 – nerve function, liver function, energy boost, libido
Vitamin K – calcium absorption
Vitamin C – skin, organs, bones

Capsaicin – antioxidant, reduced LDL cholesterol
Vitamin C – skin, organs & bones
Vitamin A – reduces effects of free radicals
Other minerals & nutrients – magnesium, zinc, niacin, selenium