Oxford Personal Trainer should not be a title that limits my experience to one place specifically. I have pumped iron in many gyms across the world and I can tell you that chicken-legged-lobster men (lol) can be found in all of them!

The above video will break down the biggest benefits that come from training legs, but there are countless others. Since your nerdy ass is actually reading this instead of just watching the video 🙄, it is worth mentioning some of them.

For one, developed legs are absolutely necessary for achieving that male v-shape, or female hour glass shape that we all desire so much (some a lot more than others lol). To be frank, there is no such thing as a male, female, trans, gay, bi, or lesbian (politics nowadays smh) exercise. Sculpting the human body requires the same approach to exercise regardless of your age, sex, gender, race, etc.

I will also take the time to mention the obvious fact that your day to day life will become easier. Walking up stairs, carrying boxes, chasing a bus, eliminating lower back pain, etc. – just about every physically demanding task and discernment is greatly approved by lower body training.

Look better, feel better and improve your quality of life. What else is left to talk about?



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