Resistance Band Super Set Exercise

This is something that I like to hit up at the end of my chest and back routine after my pecs and lats are past exhaustion and full of blood.

When performing the press-up/push-up, be sure that the band is wrapped around the back of your shoulders and triceps. Keep you back straight and core tight. The benefit of using the kettle bells means that you can go deeper which will stretch the chest muscles, forcing them to work more than the triceps at the bottom of the movement. The band works to create more resistance the further it is stretched, so you will it working more as you press yourself back up.

When rowing, the band will be assisting the movement. Because of this you can go extra heavy with the kettle bells, but you MUST be sure to go super slow on the descent. Keep your lower back arched, chest high, posture just above a 90° angle, and row towards your waist.

Perform once per week, shifting the weight and rep range at least every two weeks, and you will be sure to pack on some serious mass!

Guarunteed! 👌🏾

Tayvis Gabbidon