Stretches & Warm-Ups

Stretches & Warm-Ups

Here are four stretches that I recommend doing before hitting the weights. Two of them are static and two are dynamic. They should help to get you prepared for training.

1) Iliopsoas stretch

2) Spinal stretch

3) Dynamic shoulder swings

4) Dynamic leg swings


Iliopsoas Stretch

Iliopsoas Stretch


Tight hip flexors can hugely restrict your hip mobility, pelvis & lower spine position, and destroy your squatting technique, among other things. Stretching them on a daily basis is definitely a genius idea!

To perform the above stretch, take one knee in front of a bench, or chair. You may need a couple of yoga boxes, or something similar to cushion your knee. Your foot should be hooked over the edge of the bench. Use a stability ball, or another chair for balance. Once in position, push your hips forward while reaching over your shoulder towards the opposite bum cheek.

Haha! Bum cheek. 😂🤣

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Hold for ten to twelve seconds and release slowly. Be sure to work both sides evenly.

– Tayvis Gabbidon