Butterfly Hip Thrusters: Glute Activation

Butterfly Hip Thrusters: Glute Activation


Glute activation is a process that encourages an exertion of force from the gluteus muscle group that is strong enough to dominate lower body movements as opposed to other muscles, such as the quadriceps, or lower back. If your glutes are firing off properly then you can improve mobility & posture, eliminate migraines, lower & upper back pain, improve eye sight, speed, strength, agility, as well as many other things.


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I highly recommend this exercise whether you are male, female, young, or old!

The focus is on gluteus medius, which is responsible for abducting the leg while rotating the femur outwards (i.e. – pulling the leg away from the body). This will help stabilise the hips and knees during big movements such as squats and dead lifts.

One of the main benefits is that the muscles in the hip flexor and adductor areas (in the groin area and inner thighs) will be stretched while the glutes tighten, which will help realign the pelvis into a more ideal position. If bootybuilding is what you are in need of then this move is a necessity!

I have used this exercise on clients for years and, along with a few other movements, have seen it turn flat bums into perky, round ones.



How to Activate Your Glutes with Dominant Quads

How to Activate Your Glutes with Dominant Quads

There are quite a few biomechanical issues that could prevent a person from squatting ass-to-the-grass. In some cases, the anatomy of the bones in a person’s legs (femur and tibia) can play a major role, but even those people should be able to squat low enough to get their legs just below a 90° angle, at least. If you are not getting lower than 90° while squatting you will not be using your glutes at all. In other words, you’re cheating yourself!

Assuming that you are among the most common groups of gym goers, and that your femur and tibia bones are
around about the same length, you will have to use some crafty techniques in order to bring your posterior muscles back out of their slumber if they have been hibernating. Dominant quadriceps can stop you from targeting and accessing these muscle fibres.

Decline hip thrusters are great for glute activation. As explained in the vid, this exercise is a straight forward way to hit glutes while excluding quads. This move also works for people who have to overextend their lower backs in order to get all the way down, or fall victim to a combination of both.

Building Your Booty to Perfection (Glute Activation)

Building Your Booty to Perfection (Glute Activation)

Glute Activation – 1 of 3

Guys should watch this too. Aside from building a nice ass and/or sculpting a better one, these videos will help improve biomechanics, eliminate migraines and upper & lower back pain, improve poor posture and conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, knee pain, collapsing arches in the feet, etc.

Tay Gabbidon
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist
Oxford, England