Starfish Plank – Core Balance

Starfish Plank – Core Balance

Improve your core balance with Starfish Planks by watching the video at the far bottom. As you will see, this is not an exercise that you would often see used in the gym, or given by instructors, but I love it!


Intermediate – advanced gym rats should look at attempting this one. If the normal style and side planks are fairly easy for you already, then, by all means, move on to this one.

Use starfish planks in circuits along with other exercises that focus on building core balance for maximum results. Here are a couple to help get you started:

Bottoms Up Core Press:

Isometric V Sit-Ups:


  • Transverse Abdominis
  • Rectus Abdominis
  • Obliques



  • Begin in a plank position on your hands (advanced), or on your elbows (beginners)
  • Make sure that your core is braced, keeping your navel drawn in towards your spine throughout
  • Shift on to a side plank position whilst balancing on one hand/elbow, with the opposite arm and leg raised
  • Balance yourself for a second, or two, and then shift on to the other side


Kettle Bell Pull Through Plank

Kettle Bell Pull Through Plank


This is an intermediate level exercise that is great for core stability. The example in the video is done with a kettle bell, but realistically you can also use a dumbbell, powerbag, or something similar.

Main Muscles: Core

Key Points:

– Keep your back straight, hips up and core tight throughout the set

– Begin with the KB on the outside of your left shoulder

– Reach across your chest with the right arm and pull the KB across your body to the outside of your right shoulder

– Use your hands and feet to walk sideways until the KB is once again outside of your left shoulder and repeat

– Train both sides evenly

Climbing Plank

Climbing Plank


The climbing plank is an intermediate level exercise for core. You will require some basic chest and shoulder strength, but once you are up to an intermediate level, climbing is a great way to advance the movement.

Main Muscles: Rectus Abdominis, Transverse Abdominis

Key Points:

– Keep your back straight & core tight

– Make sure that your hips don’t sink too low or rise too high – your body should be as straight as a board

– Begin with your elbows underneath your chest and push yourself up onto your hands one at a time and repeat


Try this variation!: