Prone Band Rotations – Improve Your Posture

Prone Band Rotations – Improve Your Posture

Improve your posture by adding prone resistance band rotations to your back and/or shoulders routine. Although broomstick rotations and standing rotations with a resistance band are very similar and effective, you may find that switching to a prone (face down) position is a great way to take those movements to the next level.

Watch the video (far bottom) for complete instructions.


Everyone that wants to maintain a healthy posture, but most especially those who suffer from kyphosis, scoliosis, narrow shoulders, or an poor posture in general. Upper & lower back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, knee & hip problems can all be caused by a bad posture.


  • Rear deltoids
  • Supraspinatus
  • Rhomboids
  • Teres minor
  • Levator Scapulae



  • Lie face down
  • Hold the resistance band with a wide grip (outside of shoulder width)
  • Keep the band tight at all times
  • Keep your chest and thighs lifted off of the floor for the entire set
  • Rotate the band over your head until it touches your lower back
  • Return to the starting position and repeat



Go here for another great exercise for posture!:

Skydivers: Exercise for Posture

Skydivers: Exercise for Posture


The skydiver is a great exercise for posture that will engage the lats, upper back, and muscles that maintain the integrity of shape in the spinal column.

Targeted Muscles: Posterior Postural Group

Key Points:

  • Lay face down on the floor with your arms by your sides and palms facing the ceiling
  • Lift your chest off the floor, arching your back as much as possible
  • Bring your hands up, drive them upwards and squeeze your shoulder blades together
  • Release and repeat
  • Use full range of motion


Superman Press

Superman Press


A variation of the standard superman…

… the superman press will kick those stubborn postural muscles into action!

You should be able to feel the kinetic chain working from your gluteus all the way up to your trapezius muscles. Be sure that your thumbs are facing upwards and that you are lifting everything off of the floor – chest, arms, thighs, everything! Use this exercise along with others that will strengthen your upper back/rear shoulders in order to correct issues like kyphosis, lordosis and a poor posture.

Iliopsoas Stretch

Iliopsoas Stretch


Tight hip flexors can hugely restrict your hip mobility, pelvis & lower spine position, and destroy your squatting technique, among other things. Stretching them on a daily basis is definitely a genius idea!

To perform the above stretch, take one knee in front of a bench, or chair. You may need a couple of yoga boxes, or something similar to cushion your knee. Your foot should be hooked over the edge of the bench. Use a stability ball, or another chair for balance. Once in position, push your hips forward while reaching over your shoulder towards the opposite bum cheek.

Haha! Bum cheek. 😂🤣

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Hold for ten to twelve seconds and release slowly. Be sure to work both sides evenly.

– Tayvis Gabbidon