Oxford Personal Trainer Explains Skipping Leg Day

Oxford Personal Trainer Explains Skipping Leg Day


Oxford Personal Trainer should not be a title that limits my experience to one place specifically. I have pumped iron in many gyms across the world and I can tell you that chicken-legged-lobster men (lol) can be found in all of them!

The above video will break down the biggest benefits that come from training legs, but there are countless others. Since your nerdy ass is actually reading this instead of just watching the video 🙄, it is worth mentioning some of them.

For one, developed legs are absolutely necessary for achieving that male v-shape, or female hour glass shape that we all desire so much (some a lot more than others lol). To be frank, there is no such thing as a male, female, trans, gay, bi, or lesbian (politics nowadays smh) exercise. Sculpting the human body requires the same approach to exercise regardless of your age, sex, gender, race, etc.

I will also take the time to mention the obvious fact that your day to day life will become easier. Walking up stairs, carrying boxes, chasing a bus, eliminating lower back pain, etc. – just about every physically demanding task and discernment is greatly approved by lower body training.

Look better, feel better and improve your quality of life. What else is left to talk about?



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Nutrition Facts: Zinc

Nutrition Facts: Zinc

Zinc Benefits

1) Increase in strength & performance

Zinc has a lot to do with hormone production. Mainly, it is responsible for quickly releasing testosterone, producing natural GH and increases protein synthesis especially through IGF-1 (insulin growth-like factor 1). 2) Supports male & female fertility

In males, zinc supports the prostate, which can eventually become a problem for men, by helping to produce enough testosterone to keep it working properly. In women it supports healthy egg production and keeps excess oestrogen (that will increase body fat storage) in check.

3) Increase immunity

Zinc increases T cell production. T cells fight off dangerous bacteria, viruses, etc.

4) Natural antioxidant

Zinc counters the effects of high iron levels and fights off free radicals, which do damage to the cells of the body.

5) Increase in cardio health

Helps to maintain healthy endothelium (cells that line the blood vessels) which have a lot to do with circulation. Adequate levels of will help prevent unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Many more benefits exist.

For best results take at least 50mg of zinc per day and, yes, ignore the bullshit recommendation of 15mg per day.

Building Your Booty to Perfection (Glute Activation)

Building Your Booty to Perfection (Glute Activation)

Glute Activation – 1 of 3

Guys should watch this too. Aside from building a nice ass and/or sculpting a better one, these videos will help improve biomechanics, eliminate migraines and upper & lower back pain, improve poor posture and conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, knee pain, collapsing arches in the feet, etc.

Tay Gabbidon
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist
Oxford, England

Health Facts – Low Body Fat

Health Facts – Low Body Fat



In the superficial world of Instagram (especially) and other social media influences, immeasurable masses of people are collectively blinded by the vanity of physical appearance. Nowadays everyone is obsessed with sex packs and is conditioned to be ashamed of themselves to whatever extent if they don’t fit the description of what society considers to be sexy or attractive.

All opinions aside, here are the facts.

Ideal body fat percentage for young adults (percentage should increase with age – not mentioned):
Men up to 30 – 10-15%
Women up to 30 – 15-21%

Risks from Body Fat Defeciency:

  • Lowered transport of naturally occurring steroid hormone which can cause menstrual cycle cessation in women
  • Foot injuries and bone fractures due to lack of cushion in plantar foot pad
  • Impact injuries
  • Deterioration of organs – especially the lungs
  • Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency
  • Osteoporosis
  • Amenhorroea
  • Loss of bone mineralisation (bone acts as a storage site for minerals to be used elsewhere)
  • Psychological disorders
  • Abnormal dysfunction of immune system
  • Nervous system damage
  • Fertility
  • Death
    Damn, there’s so much more…

Stay healthy, folks.

Tay Gabbidon – Personal Trainer & Nutrition Therapist – www.immortal-training.com

Gluteus Maximus

Gluteus Maximus



Potentially, the strongest muscle in the human body. However it is the laziest, by far.

For those of you that have had to endure this analogy from me before then just sing along lol.

If animals represented the different muscles in your body, Glute Maximus would be the king of the jungle. Like lions, they are strong and powerful, but also very lazy. They are happy to lay around and let the other muscles (such as hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, lower back, erector spinae, etc.) pick up the slack, on jobs that ar normally meant  to do, in order to reserve its full potential for when they are needed most.

Work at a desk job? Do you do a lot of driving? Chances are that your gluts are asleep. In order to get any sort of activation and growth from them they require ritual stimulation. Bridging exercises, squatting ass-to-the-grass, dead lifts and back extensions with full range of motion are great ways to activate the dormant muscle fibers in the Glutes.

Glutes are the most important muscles in your core. They connect your back to your legs through the pelvis and are the antagonists to the abdominals and hip flexors. Whether you’re an 75 year old woman who suffers from migraines and back pain, a sprinter looking to quicken your personal best time, a baseball pitcher looking to improve your fastball, or a someone just trying to put a lil more junk in your trunk, strengthen the Glutes and your problem is solved 90% of the time!

A lot of things are often mistaken for problems that are actually caused by inactive glutes. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Migraines
  • Pain in the upper back and/or in between the shoulder blades
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain in the knees
  • Disorders of the feet
  • Poor balance
  • Poor felexibilty
  • Weak core balance
  • Exaggerated anterior tilt of the pelvis usually recognisable by an ass that doesn’t protrude when viewed from the side

I recommend a book by Bret Contreras, called “Strong Curves – A Woman’s Guide to Bulding a Better Butt and Body”. Though it is aimed toward educating women, this is an awesome read for men also.

Tay Gabbidon – Personal Trainer & Nutritional Therapist – Oxford, England – www.immortal-training.com